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BRGA operates in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas shown in the map. If you are unsure if your area is covered or if you are just outside our area, we recommend you send us an email at prior to completing the application. For those of you who happen to be outside our area, we can usually provide recommendations on adoption groups operating closer to your home.

If your family has a cat or very small dog, we will do our best to find a greyhound that has been cat-tested and exhibits low prey drive; however, it may take a bit longer to find the right match for your family.

Applicants may fill out and submit the online application below.  Or you may download and fill out the PDF form and email it to Also you can print the PDF form, fill it in by hand, and send it to:

344 Maple Ave W Box 203
Vienna, VA 22180

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Would you be willing to consider a healed broken leg greyhound or a greyhound with additional medical needs?
Hardee Hero Hound Program
Do you want to adopt a Hardee Hero Hound? Hardee Hounds come with basic obedience, are taught to walk on a leash without pulling, and understand how to behave appropriately around visitors and food. Some can even read and perform commands from flash cards. Hardee Hounds are trained for 10 weeks by certified inmate-trainers at the Hardee Correctional Institute in Florida. (if "no" or "I don't know", click the appropriate response and proceed to next section) *
If your answer to the Hardee Hero Hound question is "yes", do you agree to the following (only required to adopt a Hardee Hero Hound):