Picnic Thanks

Thanks to everyone who came out to the BRGA picnic "Gathering o' Greys 2016" last month. Your generous donations and auction purchases helped us raise enough funds for at least two surgeries for broken leg dogs next year.

Major thanks goes to Quattro Goombas Winery, our gracious hosts - Jay and Jody and the staff always make us feel welcome!

Also many thanks to North Gate VineyardWhole Pet CentralPiece Management Inc.The Health Improvement Center, and Ruff Sketch Designs for their donations and support!

We'd like to extend a special thanks to the Shift Digital, whose has been a top supporter of BRGA for years now, despite the fact that they are located in Michigan.  The people at Shift Digital just love greyhounds!

Leia (yes, the Princess)

Recent adopter Greg Lambert wrote us about the Lambert families recent adoption of Blair (now Leia)

Attached are a couple photos, one of the family and one of Leia (as in Princess Leia, named by Jacob). As you can see in the second photo, she is a little more relaxed than on Sat morning.  

She didn't eat much at all on Sat but ate well starting last evening.  She loves yogurt. She is such a sweetie, very well behaved and seems like she will be easy to train. She met 1 cat from afar, not yet ready to get close but she doesn't pay as much attention to it as she did at first.

Thanks for allowing us to adopt her.

And thank you Lamberts for giving a greyhound a forever home! Congratulations Leia!

Adoption Day July 30th

On Saturday July 30th, Katie, Julie & Mike trekked to Fredericksburg to meet the dog hauler from Florida. Despite a delay caused by a misbehaving sensor in the truck, thanks to some quick thinking by the driver Scott (who called Hawaii for mechanical advice!), the dogs arrived only a few hours late and were safe and cool in the air-conditioned trailer. 

After picking up the 'hounds, it was back to Katie's house for adoptions! And here are the lucky hounds and adopter in no particular order - welcome to the pack!