Urgent Need for your HELP

BRGA friends,

URGENT - We need your help.  You may have heard that Florida voted yesterday to ban greyhound racing by end of 2020.  Tracks can begin to close as early as January 2019.  There are currently more than 8,000 greyhounds in Florida that will need homes over this timeframe.  This is going to overwhelm the adoption groups.  We need your help.

Contact us if you can help in the following ways:

·         Transport dogs from Florida to Virginia  email us: info@brga.org

·         Foster dogs as they wait for permanent homes  http://www.brga.org/foster-application

·         Adopt a greyhound  http://www.brga.org/application

Can’t volunteer?  We need donations to vet these dogs and care for them until they find permanent homes.  Please consider donating.  http://www.brga.org/donate/

BRGA's Annual Picnic UPDATED schedule for OCT 27


Attention BRGA members who are attending our picnic this Saturday, October 27. Please note that the weather has once again put a damper on our plans. We will still hold our picnic at 8 Chains Winery but due to the forecasted cold weather and rain, we are forced to move indoors to a private room on the second floor of the building. For those attending with dogs, please bring a blanket or bed for your dog’s comfort. Everyone will still have access to the dog run outside as needed. All activities – lunch, auction, blessing of the hounds, ice cream social, etc.  – will still take place. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. As a reminder, the address is 38593 Daymont Ln, Waterford, VA 20197 and the time is noon to 3pm. See you there!

T-shirts to benefit BRGA

Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption is offering a fantastic t-shirt for sale in the first of several t-shirt campaigns. 8 year old Lucas B. has donated his artwork as his way to support BRGA. All proceeds will go towards the surgical and medical expense of broken leg dogs, helping with their recovery and finding them new homes in Northern Virginia. T-shirts are available for sale through October 24th with a delivery date of November 8. You can choose from adult of kid's t-shirt, and a kid's t-shirt. Follow this link to order your shirts:



It's T-shirt Time! Help us with a design

BRGA is always looking for ways to make money to support greyhound adoption, specifically broken-leg dogs, so we’re going to be selling some great t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. We could create the design ourselves, but though it would be more fun if we opened the design up to members of BRGA and/or their family and friends. We’re looking for something fairly simple and easy to reproduce in just one or two colors. If you can come up with something clever, we’d love to see your design. It might even be fun to feature your child’s greyhound art! You won’t get paid for the use of the design (consider it a donation) but you do get the glory of having your design printed on t-shirts for all the world to see! T-shirts will be sold through Ink to the People, a fundraiser service https://inktothepeople.com/. We may end up doing several so don’t be afraid to submit more than one. Deadline for submission is Friday, September 21st. If you think you can help us, send a high quality digital file of your design to mary@brga.org


Still Missing! Help us Find Maui in Oakton/Reston

Maui has been missing since May 13.  He was startled and bolted into the woods behind his family's home.  Since he's been out so long, he is survival mode.  It is unlikely he will approach a person, respond to his name or possibly even a squawker.  If seen, do not chase, do not pursue.  Just call in location with info about his condition and whereabouts.  We are operating on a capture strategy.  We need sightings of his location, then we will setup a food station, get him to come consistently (watching via camera) and eventually set a trap to capture him.  We have ONE chance at setting the trap.  If he gets scared of it, or it comes down but he's able to get away, he will never get in it again.  This is a strategy used by many dog search and rescues in the past and comes as advice from a professional tracker hired by the family.  

How you can help

  • We need FLYERS posted in Reston and Oakton to gain community awareness and get tips/sightings
  • We need PEOPLE WALKING around Difficult Run and W&OD trails and talking to people walking around to get awarness



Dingo finds a home!

Dingo Lucas Karen and Mia.jpg

Our Special Needs Greyhound, Dingo, has a Forever Home! Lucas and Karen, our long time members and foster family decided that they needed to add a new member to their family and a new "brother" for Mia. They met Dingo when he first arrived from FL and were instantly in love with him. At the time, Dingo went to another foster family to complete recovery of his broken leg.


With the discovery of Dingo's epilepsy, healed broken leg, and Panus (an auto-immune eye disease), Dingo needed several months to recover and get back on track. Even though Dingo had all these issues, Lucas and Karen researched all of it and told BRGA whenever he is ready to go "home" they would love to care for him!


That day arrived on March 31!  Dingo greeted everyone with kisses and even cozied up to their other Grey, Mia.


A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to the entire family for adopting Dingo and giving him a wonderful and happy retirement!

Thank you for supporting Dingo!


BRGA's Special Needs Greyhound, Dingo, has a Forever home!!  Thank you to all who donated and promoted Dingo!


Dingo's story has a happy ending and BRGA wants to thank all of you who have donated to help this fabulous Greyhound!


Dingo's start in retirement was fairly rough with the discovery of his epilepsy on top of his already healing broken leg. This resulted in several days of an ER visit and multiple trips to the veterinarian, medications, supplements, and special food. BRGA's cost ran over $2000 for Dingo's care. While in recovery of his epilepsy, BRGA found out he had an auto immune eye disease. This meant more trips to the vet, new medicine and management of that eye.


BRGA could not have done any of this without all of you who donated and participated in our special auction for Dingo. We'd like to thank you and let you know that your donations matter!!


100% of your money goes to help these Greyhounds in any way possible to secure them into a forever home.


BRGA would also like to give a special Thank You to our foster family, Dianna, her husband, Karl, and their daughter for taking such good care of Dingo with all of his special needs and making him a member of their home until a new one could be found. We are forever grateful for what you all have done on behalf of BRGA. 


Oscar - a BRGA sponsored injured leg dog - finds his forever home

Congrats to Oscar who found his forever home this month!  It's because of generous donations from BRGA members that we were able to sponsor his surgery and aftercare and bring him up to Virginia to enjoy retirement.  

Broken leg dogs make great pets!  To learn more about BRGA's mission to ensure no greyhound is left behind http://www.brga.org/broken-leg-dogs/