Ajax Conger

We adopted Ajax when he was four years old. At first he was a bit anxious with new things, but he learned confidence from older sister Capri. From day one he had immaculate house manners and is a total teddy bear. He has an extra-plush coat and luckily seems to enjoy being hugged because it’s hard not to hug him. When out in public he’s always on his best behavior, but at home he’s a total clown and makes us laugh almost every day.

Ajax relaxing in the pool.

Ajax and Capri holding down the couche

Ajax is nearly always happy and loves pouncing on his stuffies. He plays very much like a cat: chasing and pouncing. He also has a tendency to try to swipe our feet out from under us when he chases us, much like a lion trying to catch a zebra, and since he’s a solid 80 pounds, it’s a bit like having a pet tiger. For sure he’s never boring and we are completely smitten with him!