Luke Delpopolo

On August 2nd, our family adopted Jose (aka Bo's Yosemite). After signing all the paperwork and picking out Jose's new fashion accessories (collar and leash color selection is serious business) we had a 3 hour drive back home to Hampton, Virginia. 

Ambre and Luke

We stopped in Fredericksburg for a bite to eat at Panera and a much needed potty break for Jose. By that time, Jose had already gotten a new name - Luke. My husband and I made a list of about names that we liked prior to meeting Jose. After picking him up, it quickly became obvious which one was best suited to his personality and temperament. [He seems to have approved the change because he was responding to his new name by the end of the day - Greys are so smart!] 

While we ate lunch on the Panera patio, we had an awesome experience: an employee stopped by to say hello and tell us that she had seen our dog earlier in the morning! Apparently, she had seen all the adoption agencies gathering to pick up their new greyhound adoptees from the Florida hauler and take them to their forever homes and she specifically remembered Jose/Luke. How nifty! 

Tristan and Luke posing by the Bay

The next day, Luke had already successfully learned how to jump into the back of the car (one major battle we are happy to have so easily conquered) and made his first visit to the local petstore. He definitely turned a few heads and made a few customers laugh when he had no idea what the cashier wanted him to do with the cookie bones he was trying to give to him!  

The day got even better when Luke was successfully and safely introduced to the rest of our pet family - a cat and 8 birds. However, we definitely had the most fun on our first major walk. We live just one road away from the Chesapeake Bay and often walk along the water looking at birds and boats in the shipping lanes. This afternoon, when we took Luke on his first walk along the Bay, he got a special treat when a pod of 12 dolphins decided to swim by just off shore! What a day!

Luke got to see dolphins!

Our family cannot thank everyone at BRGA enough for bringing Luke into our lives. He has already worked his way into our hearts and we are so happy to be the ones to give him his forever home. Thank you BRGA! Keep up the great work! 

- Ambre, Tristan, and Luke Delpopolo

Bonus picture below!

Some of Luke's new buddies include Laura Graham's (Ambre's mom) greyhound Jude and Jude's buddy Sage.