Calmer Noses brave the rain at this year's Gathering o' the Greys

It's Saturday, September 13th and dozens of us stand under tents as the sky pours an un-predicted (and quite frankly, rude) "scattering" of torrential rain. Humans huddle in the center of tents like the Wicked Witch in Seattle while their dogs happily pull them out into the rain to trot around and make some friends. While the Board considered the merits of a wet t-shirt contest (haha), our dogs were just...

With a smorgasbord of lunch meats, cheeses, Joel's patented baked beans, a delicious corn casserole, and more side dish goodies, everyone got their share to eat (and more). Meat, meat, and more meat for lunch was followed by a refreshing ice cream social. Humans got peanut butter chips, sprinkles, chocolate cookie bites, apple pie topping, and dogs got some tasty dentabones on top.

Activities of the day included a getting-to-know-you treasure hunt, wine tastings in the cozy Quattro Goomba's tasting rooms, our largest silent and ticket auctions in years, and an informative discussion by Katie Thompson on chiropractic health in our hounds.


We hope you didn't miss it, but if you were unable to be there, anyone who pre-registered will have their shirts mailed to them! Be in touch!

Edit: Special thanks to Ken Martin for all the wonderful photos he took!  Available here.