Adoption Day

On Saturday March 28, Eugene Su and Yueh Yee Wong drove out to the Ott's house to adopt their new greyhound, Sally.  Eugene and Yueh Yee had met Sally previously as BRGA had picked her up over a month ago. The couple had previously scheduled a vacation to Asia, but they were so excited about Sally after meeting her that they almost talked themselves out of their trip. However, thanks to BRGA members Bob & Rosie Driscoll and family, who volunteered to foster Sally until her adoption, Eugene and Yueh Yee were able to take their trip. Once they were back from their vacation, the couple were eager to arrange an adoption date. 

Congratulations to Eugene and Yueh Yee on their new greyhound and congratulations to Sally on her new forever home!

Eugene Su and Yueh Yee Wong pose with their new girl, Sally, as Roxie the Appaloosa looks on.