Helping a Hurricane Hound

BRGA works with and has many greyhound friends who were directly affected by Hurricane Irma this fall.  We dedicated this year's picnic silent auction winnings to help the hurricane victims recover.  

A $350 check was delivered to the Greyhound Advancement Center (Hardee Hero Hounds) to support the family of Phoenix (brindle) and Vaughn (black) as their home is repaired.  Sadly the family's insurance does not cover a lot of the damage sustained.  Once the repairs begin in early 2018, our $350 donation will be used to enroll Phoenix and Vaughn in the Hardee Bootcamp to keep them safe while the repairs are completed.  Upon graduation, the hounds will be sent home fully stocked with new supplies, treats and toys!  

Phoenix injured himself from debris following the hurricane, but is recovered now.