Urgent Need for your HELP

BRGA friends,

URGENT - We need your help.  You may have heard that Florida voted yesterday to ban greyhound racing by end of 2020.  Tracks can begin to close as early as January 2019.  There are currently more than 8,000 greyhounds in Florida that will need homes over this timeframe.  This is going to overwhelm the adoption groups.  We need your help.

Contact us if you can help in the following ways:

·         Transport dogs from Florida to Virginia  email us: info@brga.org

·         Foster dogs as they wait for permanent homes  http://www.brga.org/foster-application

·         Adopt a greyhound  http://www.brga.org/application

Can’t volunteer?  We need donations to vet these dogs and care for them until they find permanent homes.  Please consider donating.  http://www.brga.org/donate/