Still Missing! Help us Find Maui in Oakton/Reston

Maui has been missing since May 13.  He was startled and bolted into the woods behind his family's home.  Since he's been out so long, he is survival mode.  It is unlikely he will approach a person, respond to his name or possibly even a squawker.  If seen, do not chase, do not pursue.  Just call in location with info about his condition and whereabouts.  We are operating on a capture strategy.  We need sightings of his location, then we will setup a food station, get him to come consistently (watching via camera) and eventually set a trap to capture him.  We have ONE chance at setting the trap.  If he gets scared of it, or it comes down but he's able to get away, he will never get in it again.  This is a strategy used by many dog search and rescues in the past and comes as advice from a professional tracker hired by the family.  

How you can help

  • We need FLYERS posted in Reston and Oakton to gain community awareness and get tips/sightings
  • We need PEOPLE WALKING around Difficult Run and W&OD trails and talking to people walking around to get awarness