Available for Adoption - Cal

Cal is a four year old brindle boy who came into foster on May 26th.  He has excellent house manners with no accidents.  He is somewhat calm in nature, but has the occasional burst to play with toys.  Although he seeks people out for affection and accepts hugs, he is not an active snuggler yet, but you can lay down with him.  Cal is hearty eater and sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the bedroom.  Cal does have an aversion to thunder storms.  He seeks a quiet place where the outside noise is muffled.  A thunder shirt and Pet Calm holistic blend have brought some relief.  He walks well on lead and is adjusting to neighborhood sounds like automobiles, birds, loud noises, etc.  Once he sees the source, he is more accepting of the noise.  Cal is a pleasure to have in our home. 

Put in your application to adopt CAL today! http://www.brga.org/adoption-application/