Midge the 15 year old greyhound


SIXTOTENANGLASSY "Midge" was born on January 11, 2004. She had a successful three year racing career in Daytona Beach before her retirement in late November 2009. She was chosen for a family by BRGA, however just before she was scheduled to travel to Virginia, the family received unfortunate news and were no longer able to adopt.  BRGA decided to bring Midge to Virginia as planned with the hopes of finding her a wonderful new forever home. Midge boarded the van in Florida with several other greyhounds for the long haul North. By the time the van reached Fredericksburg, the driver had fallen in love with Midge and wanted to keep her. Luckily, my husband Mike had volunteered to help Niels Hauffe with the BRGA haul that day. Mike and Niels insisted on taking Midge as planned, along with three other greyhounds whose families were waiting for adoption day. I happened to be out of town that weekend, but Mike bravely volunteered us to foster Midge until a new home was found for her.

Our foster period for Midge began that day in Fredericksburg, VA and ended 45 minutes later when Mike pulled into our driveway and called to tell me that we were adopting our third greyhound because he had fallen in love with her on the drive home. We officially adopted Midge in early December 2009 and she has held our hearts captive ever since. Midge is our "totally amazing hero" dog, not only because of her longevity, but also because of her unwavering positive attitude, her bright eyes and constantly smiling face, and last but certainly not least, her unfailing ability to keep our back yard totally safe from vicious creatures such as birds, squirrels, rabbits and the occasional wayward chicken. Although she has retired from neutralizing the stuffed animals inside the house, Midge's playfulness is still going strong at 15 and we are forever grateful. Happy Birthday Midge! We Love You!  -Mike and Wendy