Capri Conger

Do not disturb

When we were approved to adopt a greyhound by BRGA, Capri was presented to us sight unseen just a few days short of her fourth birthday. We hadn’t even seen a photo of her because she was fresh off the track. Capri’s racing name was Get Ready Capi but in the kennel they called her Capri. The name seemed to suit her and it was kind of pretty so we kept it. She was our first greyhound and we both fell madly in love with her. She raced for three years in Daytona, and had a fairly impressive track record. During her retirement life with us, she’s proven to be just as much a champion. She’s clever and flirtatious, smart and opinionated, but always a very, very good girl.

Capri being silly.

We were so amazed by her that we started attending the Leesburg meet and greets to advocate for greyhound adoption. It turned out that Capri was also a champion meeter and greeter because she was consistently calm and friendly and got many people to fall in love with her. She was good with other dogs and children and was pretty much a social butterfly. People didn't come into the store to shop, they came in to see her! We worked the meet and greet for several years and over that time more than a handful of different families wanted to adopt her. But she was my baby girl and nobody could take her away from me!

After learning how to sit on command in a basic obedience class, she quickly started using that to beg for things. It’s as if she’s saying “Look how pretty I am, I deserve a cookie, right?” She earned her Canine Good Citizen certification last summer just because we knew she could pass with flying colors.

Capri is now ten years old, still going strong but a bit gray in the face. She’s very much our girl and we love her to pieces!

~Sharon Conger