Special Events

Fredericksburg Dog Mart

The Fredericksburg Dog Mart originated with an event that was established in 1698 to facilitate trade between the Pamunky Indians and the settlers of what would become Fredericksburg. The Indians would trade their produce and furs for the English hunting dogs the settlers raised. The annual event continued until the start of the Revolutionary War.

Peace pipe ceremony.

Wendy, Juliet and Ellie in the ring.

Christine with Solo, Just to her right is Gracie who is being handled by one of our new friends at Furry Farm Dog Camp.

Gracie and Solo taking refuge from the sun in the neighboring Furry Farm Dog Camp tent!

Wendy lovin' on the Hall's girl Zoe.

Wendy Ott  and Christine Patenaude pose with Abe, Juliet and Ellie and Solo and Gracie. The red ribbon is the second place ribbon won by Juliet in the hound group in the Dog Mart Dog Show!

We were joined by BRGA members Nick and Beth Como and Steven and Lisa Hall - greyt to see you guys!  Members Patti and Marty Goettler were there as well representing Greyt Hearts Service Dogs