New year, new hounds to help: Oscar

BRGA's mission is to ensure no retired racing greyhound is left behind.  We got the call that a sweet red boy named Oscar suffered a tendon rupture requiring extensive surgery (from a specialist) and recovery.  

Oscar's Story:

Oscar came to Gold Coast Orlando with what they thought was a severe muscle strain.  His left leg was three times the size and the swelling went into the groin and abdomen.  His foster in FL took care of him by using cool compresses twice a day and lots of rest.  After a couple of weeks, the swelling was down but he was not walking or supporting himself at all on his leg. 

So the foster took him to their usual vet that does fractures, University Animal Hospital.  They did an x-ray and there was no fracture but there was a torn ligament.  This vet does not repair ligaments so they had no choice but to go to the specialists in their area called AVS.  They recommended surgery which was very costly, $3200 and involved an external fixator.

He went back to the foster home and was doing well there until he had a slight accident.  He was entering the crate and got his cast caught in the door. The neighbor came over and brought wire cutters to free Oscar.  The foster was injured in the process while putting the dog 1st in front of her own issues and therefore Oscar was moved to another foster, Debra. The foster is doing fine!

Debra took Oscar back to AVS to see if he had damaged his leg and would require surgery again.  They did another exam and x-ray, cleaning up his bite wounds that he did to himself, and told them that he was fine. 

Oscar is a very nice dog, very sweet and loving.  He is a calm boy but not cat friendly.  He is very excited in the vet office over small dogs.  Everyone in the vet office LOVES him and comes up to see him when he comes for his cast change. 

BRGA donated $2500 to help offset the costs that Gold Coast has incurred in making sure that Oscar heals well and can move on towards becoming a loving 45 mile an hour couch potato. He is recuperating really well in FL and BRGA is hopeful that he may be able to come up to be adopted in VA!

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