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The Magic of Meet & Greets: The Everyday Guide

So, you want to get involved in the greyt adoption effort? Fantastic!!! But how do you do that?

There are a thousand reasons not to get involved:  

  • work
  • family commitments
  • volunteering to foster dogs can be a big commitment for someone new to the greyt lif
  • it's just so much fun to cuddle up with your own hound on the couch and marathon a few seasons of Arrested Development

But you still want to be involved, so what can you do that's fun and easy, yet still makes a greyt difference to our beloved pups?  How about attending or staging a meet and greet?



Meet and greets are generally hosted at venues like Petsmart, dog training schools, or by rescue groups. The point of the meet and greet is for individuals who are considering adopting a new dog to see different breeds and experience them in real life. (The internet can only do so much!)

BRGA has a monthly meet-and-greet at the Manassas Petsmart the FIRST Saturday of every month. Noon-3pm. Every month. Show up! Help out! Send us an email and let us know you'll be there. Bring your friends and let them pets some hounds!

Manassas too far for you to drive? Contact your local Petsmart and get a meet-and-greet up and running on your own! 3 volunteer hours a month can make a world of difference to spread the greyt word.

Coming up for 2015, the board is also looking for a Meet & Greet Coordinator to collect applications and donations from the M&Gs, distribute the M&G boxes to M&G volunteers at different locations. Right now we have one monthly M&G --- let's start some more!

Candie wants you to volunteer for Meet & Greets.

Candie wants you to volunteer for Meet & Greets.