Broken Leg Dogs

One of the most common, career-ending injuries for greyhounds is a broken hock. The right back leg is the most vulnerable, as the dog pushes off with the right leg on the first turn causing higher stress on the bone. For some further reading on the subject, see Hock Fractures, by Suzanne Stack, DVM.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, the BRGA board dedicates a portion of the budget for surgery and rehabilitation for greyhounds who suffer broken legs at the track.  A group of volunteers in Florida work with the tracks and are on-call to assist in the efforts to get an injured greyhound to the animal hospital and get them treated as quickly as possible. A broken leg can cost between $1,500 - $2,000 depending on how severe  and what surgery may be needed. Having groups such as BRGA already committed to providing financial support makes the process easier.

Any dog for which BRGA provides funds are made available to BRGA members first.  Many of our members have adopted these broken-leg dogs and can tell you that, despite them having lost a step, they are still fast, happy, and healthy.

Pay it forward: The broken leg hounds you ARE SAVING through donations