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A 5-Step Greyhound Manners Checklist

*Used with permission from Mr. Donald E. Samber III, Greyhound Advancement Center (GAC) Behavioral Specialist

How well behaved is YOUR greyhound? One of our incredible trainers at the Greyhound Advancement Center has some valuable advice. Out of your comfort zone? Consider adopting a Hardee Hero Hound who already have all of these skills and more!

#1: Leash etiquette

Your GREY should never control the speed or direction you travel in. If you cannot hold a cup of coffee in the same hand as your dog’s leash, then it is time to do some leash training.

#2: Door Protocol

The leader of the “pack” enters and exits all thresholds (doors) first. This is you. Practicing has a huge psychological impact on your GREY. It prevents your GREY from escaping outside or darting inside.

#3: Visitor Control

Your GREY should not initiate contact with strangers. This detours your GREY from jumping excitedly on people. There are too many things to list that could go wrong with a 65-85 lb. GREY jumping on you!


Your GREY should not demand a spot on the couch or a spot on the bed. This is big psychologically because the “pack leader” always has the best and highest sleeping position. Again, this is you! (Note: if you insist on allowing your hound on furniture or in the bed, BRGA highly recommends that for the first few months of having a new hound that you do not allow them up so you can establish yourselves as “pack leader”).

#5: Meal Time

Before feeding your GREY their food, a quick series of commands will re-inforce your GREYs desire to please. A treat should never be given for “free”. A sit, shake, or a quick kiss yields food, praise, and toys! Your GREY should never whine, bark, or “snatch” food from your hand. This step is the most important concerning the dogs attitude and obedience towards you!