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Hardee Hero Hound program

Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption works with the Greyhound Advancement Center's Hardee Hero Hound program. The Hardee Hero Hound program helps retired racing hounds transition to home life and learn basic obedience from Hardee Correctional Institute inmate-trainers. In return, inmate-trainers gain valuable skills, a sense of purpose, and the unconditional love of a dog during their time in prison. Studies have shown a lower rate of re-incarceration when prisoners are given opportunities to have responsibilities and learn employable skills. All of the inmate-trainers who participate in the Hardee Hero Hound program will be released from prison at some point in the future.

In addition to the standard adoption requirements (Application, reference check, and home visit), a potential adopter who wants to apply for a prison trained Greyhound through Blue Ridge Greyhound must meet the following requirements:

  • Adoption fee of $550. This fee includes all the vetting, training, and application processing. All fees must be paid at least 3-4 weeks prior to the adoption.

  • The approved adopter must be willing and able to pass a background check.

  • The approved adopter must be able to go to Florida to pick up their pre-selected Greyhound and attend the Hardee Correctional Graduation on the date specified. Graduations occurs approximately every 10-14 weeks (usually on a Friday).

  • Must have completed the additional questions listed in the adoption application.

  • This process can take time. The potential adopter must be willing to be patient when waiting for a prison-trained Grey. BRGA will work with you every step of the way.

You can read the adoption story of our very first Hardee Hero Hound here:

Upcoming Hardee Graduation Dates:

Dec 7, 2018
Feb 22, 2019

For additional information on the Greyhound Advancement Center and the great work they do, please visit