Julie Bryan


“Anything worth doing is worth doing well” -- Lester Hoel

Julie with Ivory

Julie with Ivory

Fun Facts

  •  Lived in Europe
  •  Used to be a “pug person”
  • Worked on a sheep farm



Katy Del Sol - a Hardee Hero Hound! Also have Appie (Labradoodle) and Veertje(maltese poodle).

About Julie

Julie was a veterinary Technician for 10 years, and loved working with wildlife at the Wildlife Center of VA while a student. She loves playing with her dogs, especially her labradoodle; taking him to the dog park and playing “chase” with the ball. She works full time as a Technical Writer so, her dogs are a fun outlet.

Goals for BRGA

Get more information out there to people who want to adopt a Grey. I want people to love the breed as much as I do.