Membership Benefits

Interested in becoming a member of Blue Ridge Greyhound Adoption? We would be delighted to have you join BRGA. Membership costs are minimal and directly help fund our efforts in putting greyhounds into good homes.

Reasons for joining BRGA

  • Camaraderie – meeting other greyhound owners

  • Keeping up with special events, new members and adoptions, etc.

  • Greyhound advice 24/7

  • Support and teamwork in the event of a “loose” grey

  • Dog sitting network from other BRGA members

  • Voting rights at the BRGA Annual Meeting

  • And of course, the annual Gathering O’Greys picnic

Please note that adopting a greyhound from BRGA automatically confers membership for one year.

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Click Here to complete your 2020 BRGA Membership Application