RSVP for the 2019 BRGA Annual Picnic


The 2019 BRGA Annual Picnic will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 12:00PM to 3:00PM. The deadline for picnic registration is September 1, 2019. The picnic will be held at 8 Chains North Winery, 38593 Daymont Lane, Waterford, VA 20197.

Optional: Bring a dish to share with others.

2019 BRGA Annual Picnic Registration

Apologies for the inconvenience but the registration deadline has passed. Join us next year at our picnic!


  • Each guest receives a goodie bag

  • We will have a covered, private area, fenced off from the rest of the outdoor patio so our dogs can be off leash (please bring a muzzle which will be required if your dogs is off lead)

  • Another separate dog run at the winery (for use if no other dogs are currently in it)

  • Kiddie pools for the dogs

  • Access to the indoor tasting room (dogs invited)

  • Group roo