As an organization run entirely by volunteers, BRGA is seeking people interested in helping! Share your love of greyhounds and become  a volunteer! We appreciate any help you are able to provide, after all, volunteers are the "backbone" of our organization!

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Volunteer Opportunities
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Foster Parents

BRGA needs loving families to temporarily open up their home to a Greyhound. Since the greyhounds are coming directly from Florida, we want the grey to become acclimated to a home environment before going to his/her permanent home. We ask for a 1-2 week commitment. All food and supplies are provided by BRGA.

Please also fill out a foster application here: http://www.brga.org/foster-application

Event Volunteer

BRGA has events throughout the Northern VA area every month. Our goal is to inform and share our love of greyhounds with the public! We encourage volunteers to bring their grey to the event and share their stories with interested people. If you can spare an hour or two, help us spread the word!


On a semi regular basis, greyhounds are transported from Florida for adoption. We meet the truck in the Fredericksburg area and coordinate to get the dogs to their foster homes. If you would like to see and help this process first hand and have a vehicle that could transport a minimum of two greyhounds, then we need your help!

Application Processing

We are always looking for people interested in helping us with our application process. This process includes reference checks and home visits. You would be able to meet potential adopters first hand and guide them through the process of adopting one of these awesome dogs! 

Our experienced board member can teach you how to inquire about references and determine if the potential adopter is a good fit. For home visits, you get to bring your greyhound! 

Web site

Are you a web designer or webmaster?  We always need talented people to help maintain and modify our web site along with our social network presence on Facebook and Twitter.


Share your stories and pictures about your greyhound experiences...something funny or just tell us about an adventure you had with your Grey. We’d love to post photos and stories and information to help others see how wonderful a greyhound can be!

Anything Else!

If you are not sure what you can do to help and want to help, we would love to have you! Please contact us and and let us know!