Is your greyhound lost?  

Call us immediately: 1-800-610-2026  

Send us an email:

Give us information that will help in the search.  Name, gender, color, age, with/without collar and tags, microchipped, location last seen, and a recent picture.

Things to Do Immediately

Print/Copy Flyers: Templates available here: FLYER

Call local shelters and vets and email with a pdf/jpg of the lost dog flyer.

Contact local dog walking services

Post lost dog information on Facebook (FB) page and other social media apps

  • FB: Search for Lost Dogs groups e.g. Lost & Found Dogs - Virginia

  • FB: city/county groups e.g. Western Prince William Chatter, Eastern Prince William Chatter

  • FB: Greyhound Amber Alert



  • Post on your own FB page and set so others can share your post

Things to do long term

Call a pet tracker to narrow down potential area

Buy or Borrow Trail Cameras to monitor potential areas

Continued visibility in the community

  • Ask neighbors to check their security camera footage

  • Put up flyers in at least a 5 mile radius

  • Make yard signs to place at large public intersections

  • Put an advertisement in the local paper with the lost dog information

  • Send out Lost Dog Postcard mailers to neighboring zip codes

  • Contact golf courses, fitness clubs, gatehouses of gated communities, community centers, schools, churches

  • Contact local dog walking services, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, Trash services, Internet Provider trucks, Lawn Care, anyone who might be riding through on business regularly

  • Ask local businesses if they would put a flyer in their front window

  • Create smaller handout sized flyers in black/white

    • Give small postcard sized flyers to Pizza and Chinese food delivery places nearby to give out with each delivery

    • Ask coffee shops to leave a stack of postcard sized flyers for patrons to take

    • Place in people's paperboxes (never place anything in a mailbox, it is a federal offense)