Things To Do With Your Hound

Adopting your retired racer is a life-changing experience for both of you. Some of our members have found amazing ways to bond with their hounds and in some cases, provide joy to those in need.


Become a therapy Dog Team

Many greyhounds (and their owners) are well-suited to become part of a therapy dog team. Therapy dog teams bring a lot of joy to people in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, schools, and veterans.

The first step is to get certified through one of the many national therapy dog organizations. Some of our members are certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), which doesn't require the greyhound to sit. Certification requires passing a short team exam followed by three supervised visits.

Attend a greyhound group Play date

Looking for something fun to do with your hounds: there is an informal greyhound playgroup once a month at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. $10 for an hour of play, $15 for two dogs, $20 for 3. Not affiliated with BRGA. Muzzles required.

Join the Facebook group "Frying Pan Farm Park Greyhound Playgroup" or keep an eye on our public Facebook page for the next event!



participate in one of the BRGA Meet-and-greets

Participating in one of the many BRGA meet-and-greets throughout Northern Virginia each month is a great way to socialize your new (or not so new) family member. Plus, you could be laying the groundwork for another hound to find his/her forever home!

make it a habit to bring your hound with you

Take your hound to one of the many restaurants with hound-friendly outdoor patio areas (call ahead if you are unsure). Heading to a winery? Some will let you bring your hound.

Note: take care not to let your hound overheat or get too cold. And NEVER leave any greyhound (or other pet or child) alone inside a car.