Greyhounds with Jobs

Dog: Chewie

Job: Listening to Stories

Chewie is a therapy dog who goes to libraries to listen to kids practice reading. He started off with a great personality for this kind of work: friendly, likes to lay down and be petted, calm and easy going. Beyond his time at the Prison Program, we took him to places like Lowes, Petsmart, and around town to acclimatize him to noises, flooring and other things. After six months, he was registered as a therapy dog through the Alliance of Therapy dogs. Locally through Manassas Therapy Dogs, he attends scheduled reading events at local libraries across Prince William County.


Dog: The Finnegan

Job: Visiting people to bring joy

The Finnegan is a therapy dog who likes to visit people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. His personality is friendly and outgoing; he’s nosy but his interest is short lived. His attention span often matches perfectly with people in nursing homes and rehabs. About 30 seconds of petting per person and moving on to the next one. He also enjoys doing tricks in front of an audience and hearing people “ooo” and “ahh” about his abilities. He is a graduate of the Prison Program and is registered as a therapy dog through Alliance of Therapy Dogs and local member of Manassas Therapy Dogs. He visits numerous facilities around Prince William County.

Dog: Arlene

Job: Nose Work

Arlene has been training in nose work for almost three years and has been competing in nose work trials for two years. She is currently trained to find three odors (Birch, Clove and Anise) and has earned numerous titles. She has just begun competing in AKC trials and has already earned her Scent Work Interior Novice title. 

Nose Work is a detection-style sport made up of a dog-handler team. The dog must find a target odor or multiple target odors within a specific search area. In competition, each search area is assigned a maximum time limit which begins the moment the dog’s nose crosses the start line.